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People that have never heard about the ascension cycle or the process of ascension or the disclosure event tend to get triggered by this level of information, and sometimes at the messengers the catalyst as well. As a result, projections are most common due to the fact of lack of awareness or absence of firsthand experience. Comparatively however, you must ask yourself how much you are willing to know after all. From that perspective and from my firsthand experience, I would prefer humanity being healed and activated, and snapped out of consciousness traps and help the planet ascend than being enslaved, disconnected from the soul, and used by negative forces, without even know it. A prison planet or a planet with enslavement status like Earth we can’t really care about opinions what others may or may not say or think about us because for the very same reasons. We are here to share multidimensional awareness with regard to consciousness enslavement or consciousness expansion, spiritual awakening or three waves of ascension. We are here to address the most disturbing and unpleasant truths like the enslavement system on this planet. To bring such disturbing topics into the light in regard to the control matrix humanity is sadly subjected to, without even know it. For this reason alone, it is crucial for the human consciousness and the global population to understand, we put an emphasis on the ascension process as a pure necessity for humanity to retain the original divine blueprint for the human soul.
Tyranny or Freedom
Clearly, humanity is living through a great transition. This is directly related to the spiritual ascension cycle (a rapid paradigm shifts in consciousness). At the same time, we are in a parallel process in regard to planetary emancipation that has to do with disclosure event. Yet, most of humanity have no idea what we are going through. Most humans do not understand what we are talking about or the information we are putting out. That is to say a larger part of the collective is incapable to consciously participate in the transition and unable to connect the dots. In that sense some of us are simply ahead of our time. It is essential to recognize we are dealing with two different processes and at issue two opposite directions. Consciousness de-evolution versus organic alignment as per humanity’s future evolution which is consciousness expansion. A paradigm shifts in consciousness.
With Love, Marie
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