the returning avatars

Chink in one’s armor!
First of all let us be crystal clear about that the negative forces on and off planet that are warring against humanity do NOT want us to heal or coming online or to get a clean plate or to experience what love really looks like. They are doing the absolutely most unimaginable to keep us in fear and pain, living in the shadows with blinfolders on so we don´t see what is really going on or remember who we really are. While they cloak themselves or perhaps more so cloacking all heinous agendas playing out, on the surface or behind the scene strings. We have to understand that these operations are going on in all pillars of society. Point blank period! And this is far deeper than our physical eyes can ever perceive. If you still are corded to TV progamming or hand over your power and trust to current political arena, your government or the authorities that shape system slaves simply means one is run by the controlled third dimensional reality, in some shape or form. This also mean lack of awareness. One the other side of the coin however where consciousness expansion is taking place the depth of understanding and our ability to see and read this matrix is in constant change. This means galactic consciousness will enter your reality. It is time to expand!
I want to come back to healing and draw your attention to the supporting waves. On the consciousness awakening path one of the most essential part is healing clearing the pain body. Basically, whatever tools works for you as we need and are called to push through the triggers to heal at this time. This is key, crucial and necessary. Keep that close to your heart. However, there are many ego-gurus and pied pipers and false modalities out there to draw in people and souls into incorrect mathematical patterns. Something to be very mindful of as many of us know we are dealing with spiritual warfare as well.
Outermost simplified, just to get a “scale feeling” we know we are more or less healed when we don’t carry the stories anymore, negatively like a heavy burden in our heart. When we don´t get emotional triggered or being very upset into a dark and deep sadness or being pulled back into a past chapter that really take us out of alignment, like open bleeding wounds of heartbreak, bitterness, revenge or coldness. Basically intensified platforms effecting the emotional, mental or physical body in painful and burdensome manner. The ascension path is all about healing, multidimensional healing yet we are at different stages, some in the beginning of their healing journey while others are master healers. The healing work will continue and expand into more larger sections and body of work far beyond the third dimensional reality. The inne journey and the “landing places” meaning those spaces and pocket in each reality are really calling for out attention at this time. The supporting waves of multiple fashion has already arrived and in continuation of such support pouring into the planet it is key, crucial and necessary to connect with your heart and your emotional body. For those versed in different matrices, horizontal bodies or are heavy in the works at the first 6 dimensions/chakras the “clock” can be helpful. You can do a whole map and fill the gap if you wish with information, as a tool or roadmap handy when nedeed.
Remember, they will use every chink in your armor against you. Observer point will help you detect blind spots and inorganic formulas and incorrect circuitries. .
We have to give it all, to have it all!
I Love You!
Love, Marie