the returning avatars

Beloved Collective.

On a deeper level our core being and spirit are basically whispering and hoovering around us at this time, gentle yet more than ever trying to get our attention on we can´t run escape or hide from our own spiritual journey. Neither from God´s divine plan for humanity. We are participants in which consciousness has chosen to experience various form. In our experience there are active forces of interference and distractions systems that kind of function like a challenging detour being heightening at this time. It just is. However, from our part we need to tune in and place our attention inwards We are participants if you wish in a “all-consciousness-event” in a dimensionalized system yet in God source non-dimensionalized system of existence. Basically, in most simple words of painting we as a collective are here to wake up from this mess of experience. We are here clean up the mess. And we are here to heal from this experience to repair, built or activate our organic template and to restore the divine plan for humanity as a collective. We are at different stages on our path of spiritual awakening and that is just fine right therefore some information will resonate with some people, in other cases not. Different sharings will speak to you like a vibrational match while some information will not. It just is. With that said creating from the space of love, yourself or with a beloved divine counterpart is something that many of us are deeply longing for at this time. And such longing is nothing but beautiful when we feel or hear this calling inside our heart and core being. The pain however and interference must be understood from the place that we need healing and deeper healing and further correction in that anything and all that is not coming from a space of love needs our attention, self-love and self-care. A wounded and damage warrior is just a wounded warrior. Hurt people hurt people. We need to sort out the net of codependency and unhealthy cordings, end manipulation and ego dominance and related projections and victim mentalities. We are here to support each through this challenging times and intense transitions phases. To translate this further we are asked to stand up to a very dark and hidden force that we seen rise before in the history of our planet, a past dynamic in present time. To align to our organic trajectory we need to face current recycling and to stand up once again.

Love you!

Love, Marie