the returning avatars

It is important to understand that this manipulated reality is built on mind control, manipulation, lies, deception, abuse of power and total control over the human population. When we are not being inner directed, we are most likely directed by external pressures to conform. As seeking approval and validation from a group, community or in the world at large rather than guided by one´s innate internal system and organic divine nature. Most of us can relate to the surface structure being nested and encapsulated with the outer domain. Appearance, how things appear, superficiality programs of manufactured function settings to fit an outside-in world. Like a prearranged and organized human toy which everything is mapped out for. A system slave created on fallen life architecture recycling in a cause-and-effect loop inside the system walls. The matrix of control makes us believe that system slaves live in freedom and some sort of democracy and that the structures are created for your own good and in the best interest of humanity. In truth we are programmed to stand up each morning in service to the matrix of control throughout the whole visitation and existence on the prison planet. Until your slave contract is null and void.  

Humanity needs to change trajectory. And we must reclaim our freedom in order to exit the matrix of control. Unfortunately, the fallen ego´s on the earth plane are desperately aiming to bring humanity with them, further down the scale. Desperately enough to commit crimes against humanity. We need to replace the ego program and remove the damaging disc from our body computer and etheric system, restore the settings and replace all the inorganic and obsolete programs with our organic template and true blueprint. It is important to understand your part, participation as no one can do it for you. The ego is not in charge of this process. You can’t buy yourself free nor cheat. Your soul is your new driver. And your heart is the fuel. 

We are not here to give our support to current global genocidal campaign. We are not here to fulfil the psychopath’s future dreams. We are not here to be programmed slaves. We are not here to be system slaves. We are not here to be a collective herd, blindfolded taking orders from self-cantered corrupt leaders driven by psychopathic ego desires and abuse of power. We are not here to manifest their anti-human agendas. We are not here to give our support to the manipulated version of this reality that enslave the human population. Period! 

We are here to wake up. We are here to change humanity’s trajectory. And so it is! 

Love, Marie