the returning avatars

(art by Sequoia)

I want to start by saying that it is not easy to write about difficult topics. How can you write about crimes against humanity without making someone feel frightened or worried. How can you write about unawareness without insulting the collective. And many other subjects without stepping on someone’s toes. It’s not easy my friends and please know, I have no intention to cause any fear nor paint insulting energies. Recently I had an email conversation with an old friend that has no clue whatsoever about ascension or disclosure and I painted a very short and basic version. The response I got really hit me and not to mention how difficult and heavy this can be to grasp or digest. I’m sorry to say but the thing is people will be pushed to know the truth whether we want it or not. Whether we like it or not. Many completely unprepared. This blog section will be shorter posts and the content is primarily for readers who are waking up. 

We have an interesting situation on planet Earth. However, this is a very challenging and painful phase, and many people are in despair and suffer greatly in silence and in loneliness. The swing belt is tightened, and the controllers are in the making of another straitjacket. Most people that are caught up in the control matrix are unaware of its existence. Therefore, unknowingly this global blind spot provides the enslavement structures, maintenance and continuation. It may sound harsh and kind of a cruel angle however such approach doesn’t make it any less true. There is something that finally the collective must come to realize. The power groups behind the orchestration and manufactured reality do not want the public to have any clarity or clue of what is really going on. It is beyond human comprehension what kind of distortions and extreme efforts we are dealing. The most accessible and mildest way to voice these key players is from the lens of psychopathic or sociopathic profile with a lack of empathy and highly undersized to no remorse for killing or harm others. They spend ridiculous amount of time, effort and money to keep the population in slumberland that is pulled into tons of meaningless distractions for the purpose to keep the herd distracted into full-on and constant distraction mode. They bombard us with never-ending fear tactics that creates anxiety, pain and inner turmoil to keep the collective in a lower vibrational state throughout the day and night. Corded and trapped in the wheel of addiction webbing of alcohol, drugs, medicine, shopping, gambling and sex and seduction games to cope the void and survival state, loneliness or depression with anti-soul therapy on daytime.

They control the collective believe system and our perception to keep the collective herd locked into the control matrix addicted to material things and money chained to the external world. The purpose of the manipulators is to instigate fear under constant stress and fully engaged in the material world, too busy to even know or recognize your own soul. The award for soul-less humans, for being a good and obedient system slave your name gets to shine on the social score list, they created. The false security we are constantly seeking in a world outside ourselves are rather pathetic rewards for the payment of imprisoning one´s soul. It is important to know that the body may die but consciousness never dies, and your soul knows thing that your 3D ego consciousness and programmed mind do not. We need to wake up before as your soul and consciousness belongs to you not the slave system nor the predators that governs your body, mind and soul in the matrix of control. It is important we start to connect the dots and understand the implication of anti-human and the enslavement strategies and structures. No matter how difficult the path is, the quest for the truth is part of the soul calling that is intertwined with tangible elements based in the organic architecture as truth vibration that resides in heart and spirit which is the portal to your soul and higher consciousness.   

Love, Marie