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Welcome to My Column!

This is my personal area based on first hand event in some way, shape or form such as case study, observation or actual experience. The idea is quite simple yet the decoration is mainly from the viewpoint ascension and disclosure which is anything but simple. 
We live in a complex reality within multiple complex realities during a complex death and rebirth phase. And sometimes it feels quite surreal in just being here during these intense transformational times. Some are very aware of what I am referring to yet many are not. There are countless and various reality bubbles and many of these sub structures are glued together sprung out of the obsolete world as we came to know it. 
Story segments can be a key in the process of unlocking mind locks, connecting dots and actual and plain correlations. Nevertheless, this gallery of words may also activate triggers in some people. Hence, one may start here. 
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Walk the Talk
Leaders Vs. Tyrants. “This information is provided to help better discern the qualities of Leadership...
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The Website!
The Website Will Be Updated Soon! Marie  
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We Are Sailing Together
Beloved Collective. On a deeper level our core being and spirit are basically whispering and hoovering...
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We have to give it all, to have it all!
Chink in one’s armor! First of all let us be crystal clear about that the negative forces on and...
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Life is Catching Up. 
Perhaps ascension mastery is not tailored for fainted hearts however in exchange for a more sober and...
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The Soul is the New Driver. The Heart is the Fuel.   
It is important to understand that this manipulated reality is built on mind control, manipulation, lies,...
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The Matrix of Control 
(art by Sequoia) I want to start by saying that it is not easy to write about difficult topics. How can...
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I did not write below amazing information however I hope you too will find it advantageous and useful....
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