the returning avatars

Perhaps ascension mastery is not tailored for fainted hearts however in exchange for a more sober and clear view we need to take off the delusional rose-colored glasses the negative forces “generously” mass created for the global population. Many people have not yet puzzle out or started investigating correlations and interconnectedness with reference to ascension and disclosure timeline the dynamics between and the plain criminal and authoritative manifested global control system of fascism. Nor recognizing the current stage or benevolent intervention in the wake of a necessary global collapse.  

In the phase of there is no turning back correlated dynamics related to planetary liberation and spiritual freedom indicates the volume will increase concerning chaos and combative control. To the hilt and outlawed the sound of things will move towards higher notes of scarcity, alarming tactics and inhuman implementations. Those against evolution of human consciousness and planetary liberation are fighting for their positions and ownership over this planet hence over all inhabitants. From a predatory perspective planet Earth and humanity belongs to them. Joined negative forces behind the global master-slave structure wilfully and by design shaped the collective into mass conformity to the point humanity enforce their own enslavement. Clueless and without resistance submitting and conforming to abuses of power supporting the intentional master-slave design and the criminal forces behind it. 

Tyrannic leadership in a promising package sound like for your own good in humanity’s best interests. Needless to say, they must look good asserting the right intentions sounding and bearing in disguise all-caring leadership leading humanity in the right future direction, they convincingly claim. In point of fact, they are trapped in their own choices of power dynamics operative and in service to an entropic and parasitic reality. They are the executers. The misuse of power and control intentionally as wrongfully and knowingly keep humanity trapped in the matrix of control. Currently, to mess-up and degrade human DNA to the same degree carrying out numerous and varied crafty agendas attempting to stop planetary liberation and in identical manner deliberately interfere attempting to slow down current transition. 

Chapters like galactic history or cosmology grants a broader view similar to a universal umbrella providing binoculars of a more panoptic lens related to current transition and multiple and interrelated timelines. In actuality and moreso speaking of consciousness. In respect that a larger group of the population is still asleep to the facts that negative forces are working heavily and diligent against humanity it is equally important to understand panoptic lens or not we can’t run or suppress anything anymore as everything hidden comes to light on every possible level, known and unknown to us. In other words, planet Earth and all inhabitants as a system under the universal umbrella are directly interconnected with other systems in exchange that directly affecting personal and global ground level as multiple multidimensional levels. From this perspective there are numerous dynamics at one and the same time beyond the surface of the planet. Benevolent and malevolent forces in related dynamics with benevolent and malevolent forces on Earths playground. 

This is crucial and an essential part in the process of global awakening and planetary ascension. However, there are multiple issues that we must come in terms and the name of the game is awareness and being informed. Denial will only cause delay and greater suffering on a personal level. Currently humanity is stuck in a trance-like state of illusion connected to an awareness field and consciousness level based on the reality matrix of control. People that are locked-in and caught in the controlled 3D webbing will most likely be shown what’s been hidden before they will find their way out. However, every human being is given the choice at some level or at any given point in time to stop for a minute to allow common sense or critical thinking to come forth in order to investigate realities. In the matrix of control intellectuals are highly valued in their blindness taking on the parameters or measurable factors that defines a system or conditions of its operation like locked-in academic programming. The evidence-based formalities and adapted structures are constructed and controlled by the matrix. In this reality everything is.  

Every faculty, every organisation, every authority and every single system in society in each country in global totality is ultimately run by the matrix of control and the top forces that runs the matrix. They own every resource on the planet and they are in ownership of every system slave. At the end of the day system slaves are highly valued to the system of control. And the collective amnesia status is the glue keeping the system in place. A desirable title won’t change the facts that humans are used as pawns making the system going each as a cog in the corrupted wheel. If you don’t bring in money to the system, there are multiple other ways to make money out for you. Less desirable or innocent exposed children are used for many other things in their making for money such as lab experimentations, podophile rings at highest level or missing people for Illegal organ trading and other heinous activities. 

Clearly this system is a world of distortion run by predatory fallen maniacs. You do not need to be on the ascension and disclosure path to see and experience such conclusion. The question is do we want to look at it and face the ugly unpleasant truth. The controllers however want to keep us in kindergarten status being “cared” for as dumb down children in grown ups bodies. For your own good in the best interests of humanity. Are we grown ups enough to meet the true meaning of the choice point humanity is facing right now. 

On a more personal level life is catching up for each and every one of us. The law of cause and effect as a “consciousness teacher, regulation and guideline advisor” as even-handed ultimately care for propelling core alignment.

May the freedom to choose or misuse of free will be lessons learned.

Love, Marie