the returning avatars

Walk the Talk

Leaders Vs. Tyrants. “This information is provided to help better discern the qualities of Leadership Vs. Tyranny in group consciousness settings or in any type or organizational structure.” Leaders  Tyrants  Visionary; holds a clear, compelling, well thought-out, and constructive vision for the future. Focused while maintaining broad perspective.  Visionary, but fixated on a narrow view. […]

We Are Sailing Together

Beloved Collective. On a deeper level our core being and spirit are basically whispering and hoovering around us at this time, gentle yet more than ever trying to get our attention on we can´t run escape or hide from our own spiritual journey. Neither from God´s divine plan for humanity. We are participants in which […]

We have to give it all, to have it all!

Chink in one’s armor! First of all let us be crystal clear about that the negative forces on and off planet that are warring against humanity do NOT want us to heal or coming online or to get a clean plate or to experience what love really looks like. They are doing the absolutely most […]

Life is Catching Up. 

Perhaps ascension mastery is not tailored for fainted hearts however in exchange for a more sober and clear view we need to take off the delusional rose-colored glasses the negative forces “generously” mass created for the global population. Many people have not yet puzzle out or started investigating correlations and interconnectedness with reference to ascension […]

The Soul is the New Driver. The Heart is the Fuel.   

It is important to understand that this manipulated reality is built on mind control, manipulation, lies, deception, abuse of power and total control over the human population. When we are not being inner directed, we are most likely directed by external pressures to conform. As seeking approval and validation from a group, community or in the world […]

The Matrix of Control 

I want to start by saying that it is not easy to write about difficult topics. How can you write about crimes against humanity without making someone feel frightened or worried. How can you write about unawareness without insulting the collective. And many other subjects without stepping on someone’s toes. It’s not easy my friends and please know, […]


I did not write below amazing information however I hope you too will find it advantageous and useful. Enjoy! END TIMES  During the Earth Changes in these End Times or Tribulation as it is called, the earth and the physical bodies on the earth are supposed to undergo a change as we move from the […]