the returning avatars

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The Returning Avatars

Something profound is happening on planet Earth and with the human species. An intense awakening process is taking place. A shift in consciousness and a change of direction. We are witnessing one of a kind transition in human history of surreal proportions.

Yet at the same time we are witnessing as passing through a troubling and challenging chapter facing obstacles put on the course. It is true without doubt that some heinous forces are doing their best to interfere, delay and create damage at all costs that has to do with evolving consciousness. Power mongers, abuses of power, the thrive for possess money, manipulation and lies and control over others as violence and abuse outlines corrupt consciousness, service to self agenda and misuse of free will choice. These distorted traits are playing out in the global setting controlling the collective mind. Referring to the master puppets that sold out the human race. 

Due to global mind control systems, psychotronics technology, propaganda, false narratives and media manipulation the global collective perception and mind process are clearly manipulated. In such way to such degree we do not understand, recognize or even know we are mind controlled. Misleading or withholding crucial information is not only a crime against humanity. De-evolution and anti-human agenda is an extreme issue on planet Earth. And the “hidden” negative agendas playing out against humanity are simply not yet known to the manipulated mass mind. 

Some of us experience traits playing out on the personal domain within smaller clusters targeting individuals, or couples. In my immediate experience as well as case study and observation I find various similarities between the operational course, tactics and profile traits regardless scale. Not to mention time, effort, enemy patterning, obsession, competition and winning at all cost and clearly lack of personal integrity. Distasteful and malicious ego behavior and actions.

In current times of chaos, upheaval and uncertainty correlated to the external landscape for most of us the internal environment is influenced in interrelated ways. While the illusion of this perceived reality is crumbling, the collective as the individual foundation may be perceived as threatened while cracking into multiple levels of confusion or disorientation. In turn this may trigger and set in motion an existential-psycho-spiritual crisis. Placed in the context of ascension and disclosure during current transition and collective dark night of the soul it is most essential to nurture and protect the internal environment. 

We are in a progressive frequency shift in which the frequency split is increasing between the trajectories. The ascension/disclosure equation speaks also of planetary ascension and the ascension process as essential necessity for humanity which is equal hidden from the public arena. Increased awareness in the context of the process is instrumental during current transition. In regards to ego transcendence on planet Earth, essential participation towards ego death, healing and correction of 3D consciousness is outmost vital for for each and everyone of us. Mind control is directed and targeting the personality ego 3D intelligence layers to keep humanity bound and looping in the range of the lower consciousness structure repeating the same pattern and cycle over and over again. Consciousness traps to keep humanity disconnected from higher consciousness levels hence the heinous efforts and vulnerability methods taken against the human race. The level of betrayal and the scope of lies we are waking up to is hard to swallow and fathom.

In this fallen and anti-human control structure humanity has lost its way and sadly distracted away from the heart center and connection to ones soul and spiritual self. We need to be the hero in our own awakening. Understanding the larger picture benefits the personal, family and collective domain. Being used as pawns by seen and unseen forces ends with courage, greater awareness, the internal clearing and healing work and reconnection to one´s spiritual self. 

A crucial part in the process is to restore energetic balance. A daily standard increases the innate and natural function in the organic assistance system and reinforce the ascension process in overall as becoming more soul infused in the physical. Essentially this means and requires personal accountability and all-important participation, and a shift in focus. More attention on the internal environment and lesser focus on the external with considerable risk of negative energetic cording and entanglement. 

Higher intelligence field cannot be reached nor be experienced from 3D ego personality mind matrix. The 3D ego intelligence structure is manipulated and highly successfully controlled in the master-slave system carried out by these self-proclaimed masters. Humanity is deeply programmed to believe they operate in the best interest of humanity. To such degree operating as a blindfolded herd without knowing or comprehension form part of the heinous action against the human race and consciousness enslavement.

As we come to understand more about the war over human consciousness and global manipulation we learn that human ignorance is not in the favor of humanity and that knowledge of the truth really is.

We can choose directly to participate and take charge of our own personal evolution and sovereignty hence collective and multidimensional collaboration in service to others, planetary liberation and freedom. Now is our time!

Love, Marie


This is all about my personal truth becoming more interactive with my highest spiritual purpose and unique blueprint. And a part of my mission is simply to share my perspective and my experience.

Words of Gratitude

To my inner circle. At some point or in present time for your unconditional support and love in different ways. For backing me and my unique path generously. My family in some shape and form, my tribe and survival kit. In Deep Gratitude! Much Love, Marie