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A shift in consciousness



Dear Humanity!

Increasing numbers of people are sensing that something is changing inside and around us, but they don’t know what it is. At the same time, experiencing a complex and alarming worldwide situation. As downhearted and fearsome this transition can be at this time humanity will prevail! The new cycle of awakening hearts is truly a blessing for all peoples. 

This is a very important time in human history. We have finally arrived inside the arrangement as we enter a new phase in mass consciousness awakening. This is a part and process of collective reset and the evolution of the whole planet. This can be very difficult for the human aspect to accept or understand. To prepare the population to embrace the opportunity we must take note at the dynamics and the two sides of the same coin that are closely interconnected in the process of planetary liberation and the ascension timeline. A way to deeper examine the key points and presented shift in mindset is somewhere close to neutral position of non-resistance and its available courage to discover the truth. However, this will challenge the ego consciousness and the human mindset governed by AI infiltration and mind control programs. Brainwashing downgrades the organic ability to think critically or independently that ultimately dissolves into herd consciousness of obedience without questioning any order or authority.

Mark, we are in an accelerated and powerful transition, yet many people still believe the current state of reality is the only one and that the world as we know it is built on the principles of truth. Nothing can be further from the truth. In actuality, humanity has been in a deep slumber for a very long time. To better comprehend what is happening on the planet we need to reactivate the use of common sense and critical thinking. We need to cognize the facts that it is imperative to participate and be in charge of our own awakening and personal evolution in order to break free from herd enslavement systems which propels us into the soul timeline. And finally, it is absolutely critical to comprehend that those behind the crimes made against humanity have implemented manifold agendas and intentionally targeting the global population. Make no mistake about the misuse of power. They are fully dedicated working round the clock to keep the herd population in slumberland. Do not be deceived into thinking otherwise. Truth is stranger than fiction! 

Due to the injurious and full spectrum of mind control in companion with deception and lies at highest levels along with human ignorance they are able to continue with the implementations and execute the heinous strategies. In total this makes humanity an easy target and will be at a greater disadvantage. From a collective point of view the first issue in current time is the crucial fact that many are still unable to see the rising chaos and complexity for what it truly is. Many people are unable to see what is behind as beyond the visual theatre stage. Most people are unable to see who the masquerade players are and the upstairs order group that controls these masquerade master puppets on the earth plane. This leads us to the second issue. Those awake and aware of the war over human consciousness and the consequences of the damaging mind control and other anti-human agendas playing out, are witnessing people around us, dear ones or in the community insisting on avoiding anything and all that feels threatening to their reality bubble when uncomfortable topics of such are knocking on the personal comfort zone turning safely into denial of the truth or other defense mechanisms.

With Love, Marie

Welcome! thank you for visiting this space!

This site is about Ascension and Disclosure. On the whole, many are barely familiar with the subjects. This may be a place for curiosity or to get inspired and presumably most likely challenged. Either way I am simply here to share my piece in a new environment though. If this is a new and unexplored terrain to you this information can at times be overwhelming and heavy to digest, especially during the early stages. In such event give yourself some time yet please keep in mind this is about expansion and being informed. Sometimes people get triggered, upset or angry and may dismiss or deny sensitive facts or multiplex information. It is what it is.

Connecting dots and put two and two together is essential in the process. Each concept is a vast network of multilayered information yet link issues together. Awareness brings changes on multiple levels. In general, it takes time to comprehend and put the pieces together, to process the information and to build a new foundation. You are not alone. Most of us share a similar phase. And we share a journey of spiritual growth and consciousness expansion, interconnected far more than meets the eye. We are learning as we go.

Those of us who speak on both topics are doing so in different ways and this may or may not resonate with you. A basic view can function like a springboard catapult the process into whatever direction or next step one is guided to take. The intention speaks of sober basics in fathomable segments.

Most simplified one could say that ascension leans more toward spiritual maturity aka ascension process, expanding consciousness and quantum mechanics. While disclosure covers topics like crimes against humanity and the matrix of control such as mind control and manipulation of energy and information. Weaponry warfare including the injection agenda or corrupt media to name a few. For multiple reasons connecting dots is most essential and the larger picture expands beyond the planet.

This is a planetary (multi-universal) event “all inclusive”, and we are entering a new phase. Unfortunately, many are unprepared. We are pushed into next level of processing evolution if you wish. And the collective will be pushed to know the truth whether we want it or not. Whether we like it or not. 

Marie Brandt, Ascension Mentor and Guardian

Empowerment, Healing & Correction

  • Process of spiritual awakening
  • Ego death
  • Clearing and healing
  • Deprogram – Reprogram
  • Personal accountability and dedication
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Polarity integration  
  • Growth in self-leadership and multidimensional competency
  • Structure for priority management
  • Restore energetic balance
  • Unity and heart-based consciousness

As we learn more about disclosure and the ascension cycle clearly one sees many events and correlations. We start to grasp a larger interconnected picture which enables us to see current call for what it is and the necessity and importance of full disclosure. When we understand more about what happened to the planet and humanity we see the consequences in present time and how damaged and harmful the negative ego really is. Corrupt, on a fallen scale into pure anti-life evil like in current war over human consciousness. 

Through dedication we comprehend the ascension process and acknowledge the necessity of healing and correction and the crucial part to transcend one’s ego. And we see the interrelated damage on the body, mind and soul. This basically means we cultivate and create a clear pathway that enables shift in consciousness as higher intelligence layers descend into the matter world into physicality, in the process of embodiment.

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